About Us



MILKFLOW is one of South Australia's largest raw milk logistic service providers. Our tailored fleet of milk collection equipment is the quietest and 'greenest' in the country. Professional staff are supported by industry specific operational systems that deliver the assurance of moving your freight safely, on time, everytime and within budget.

Our aim is to make your business more streamlined, reliable and cost efficient through our progressive management systems.

Whilst MILKFLOW was founded on the strength and dedication of the Illman family, the company has grown with the times to incorporate the best of both external professional expertise and ongoing family integrity and pride.

MILKFLOW has always strived to uphold credibility, client service and professionalism throughout their entire operation. Earned only with time and reputation the company fully realises that such qualities lead to the most essential client need, reliability. This hard won commodity is highly valued by the company as a consistent measure of performance.

Our commitment to assisting clients streamline freight operations is driven by a skilled team of logistics management professionals dedicated to service delivery.